From Madrid to the heavens...

One of Madrid’s undeniable features is its sky. With very few rainy days each year, Madrid’s skies display an array of bright colours. Intense blues on winter mornings, vibrant orange and rose coloured tones at dusk and deep mauve hues at nightfall. Perhaps that’s why people say “From Madrid to the heavens”.

With our feet on the ground

Without losing sight of its skies, Madrid still keeps its feet on the ground. Open, safe and nocturnal, Madrid’s streets are alive. Go out any day, anytime. Take a stroll and strut your stuff in the trendy neighbourhoods, roller skate in Retiro Park, go shopping, or have an afternoon snack or enjoy some traditional tapas and beers as you hop from bar to bar… Madrid takes pride in the fact that it has a world-class transport, but walking is the city’s favourite way to get around.

Golden days

In Madrid, there’s always a good excuse to get out and be seen. Visit the best brand name and designer boutiques. Take in history’s greatest paintings at the Golden Triangle of Art, or explore the vibrant contemporary art scene at one of the area’s many galleries.

Ballet, music, theatre, sport… And after that, you can always grab a bite at a popular bar or enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by any one of the city’s many renowned chefs.

  • The best shopping routes
  • Unique corners to discover in the city
  • Enjoy the best restaurants and chefs
  • Bike rides in El Retiro
  • A city full of art

Magic nights

But it’s best not to spend all your energy during the day, for Madrid truly comes alive at night.

A dinner with friends on Tuesday; a jazz concert on Wednesday; after-work drinks on Thursday; a Michelin one, two or three-star dinner on Friday; glamour and music till the Saturday morning sunrise… Stay on the lookout for the trendiest bar, the latest seasonal menu or the newest cocktail. You have to be here to be in the know.

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  • Discover our trendy nights
  • Stay awake until dawn
  • Appreciate the cultural offer